What is tethering?

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Smartphones are the new trend measuring innumerous fans all over the world. Users can take advantage of their vast capabilities to enjoy crispy clear sound, watch videos and movies, surf on the internet, check on their emails, download astounding and fun applications and turn their phones into almost anything they imagine! But, what would you think if someone told you that you can use your smartphone as a modem for your PDA or laptop?

Using your phone as a modem is widely known as tethering and it has been rather popular over the last years. It is extremely useful to users that do not have access to a 3G or a Wi-Fi hot-spot connection for internet browsing. All you need is a USB cable or a Bluetooth to tether your phone to your computer.

For a USB connection, connect one end to your phone and the other end to a USB port of your laptop. Prefer a high-speed USB port to maintain maximum internet browsing speed and set a USB network service as your network connection. Usually, USB cables are the ones that guarantee a more secure and fast connection as they fully benefit the laptop’s capabilities.

Nevertheless, as gadgets keep on boosting the Bluetooth technology via the various wireless applications, tethering via Bluetooth offers an extra advantage; you do not have to be close to your laptop as there is no physical cable to limit you down. To establish a Bluetooth connection, first activate the Bluetooth in your laptop and then proceed in searching the activated Bluetooth devises found by your phone. Open up tethering and once your phone locates your laptop, click on it and start connection between the two devices. Just make sure your laptop does have a Bluetooth interface because otherwise, you will have to buy and install one.

To complete tethering, you will also need to install the proper software to establish a home network between the two devices. According to your phone’s type and capabilities, visit its official website and download the needed software. After successfully installing it, you can even set a password to protect your wireless connection from losing signal or speed due to external factors as from being hacked. You definitely do not wish someone to ‘steal’ your Wi-Fi signal to establish internet connection to their laptop using your personal phone account.

Note: While tethering is in progress, you have to keep your phone charging the whole time. Tethering literally drains out your battery in no time so you better keep it plugged in.

Tethering can make your life easier and save you for trouble when needing internet access to your laptop or PDA. But, before moving on, you have to make sure that your phone service plan allows tethering. If not, then you will probably be charged a load of dollars due to major data transfer. Furthermore, if tethering violates their service plan and you do choose to do it, then your contract will most definitely be cancelled.


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