How To Store Your Boots Properly

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The key to storing your boots well is to maintain its shape and have easy access to it. Since boots are fairly lager than other shoes they tend to topple over and create a mess in the storage space. Keep them standing and keep them in place with a boot shaper. Choose wooden or plastic boot shapers over metal ones to avoid fraying of the material.

 Another way is to fill the boots with paper so that they maintain their shape. If this is done then you can either hang them, keep them flat on the closet floor or standing on the shelf.

 Place a rubber band loosely around the boots and clip the insides together. This will ensure that they are together as well as they are staying in shape. Clip only the insides to avoid marks on the outsides.

 If you bought them home in a box then chances are that the boxes were made with a material that was specially designed to store the boots and you can go ahead and store them in the box for long periods without much worry. Place camphor in the box though to protect the shoes from dust mites and insects.

 If you do not have space in your closet then the best thing you can do to store your shoes is to buy a box with the proper dimensions and store them in it. Place a picture of the boots on the top of the storage box in order to know the pair that is in the box.

 Care should be taken to prolong the life of your bots. After wearing them and before placing them in storage wipe your boots carefully. If they are leather boots then polish them and let the polish dry before you put the away. Suede boots must be brushed well and then put away. If your boots are patent leather then hot conditions are their biggest enemy. Store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


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