The differences between an iPod Touch and older iPods

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Apple is dominating the Mp3 gadget market releasing the most popular and groundbreaking personal audio devises. Since the first official release of the original iPod in 2001, Apple has created many different versions enabling customers to choose the best devise that perfectly meets their needs. Nowadays, the iPod touch is the highest rated Mp3 players measuring innumerous fans all over the world. But what are its major differences comparing to older iPods? Let us take a look.

Almost all 1st and 2nd generation iPods have the same shape and overall appearance differing only in size. The most distinctive characteristic of an iPod is its scroll wheel that enables you to skip or pause songs, change albums or control sound and perform all basic actions. In the second generation models, the physical scroll wheel has been replaced by a virtual scroll wheel. On the other hand, the iPod Touch has a more stylish and elegant look seeming almost exactly the iPhone. It has a slim shape with smoothly rounded edges and a glass 3.5’’ touchscreen display with a single ‘Home Button’ placed exactly above the main screen. The virtual touch pad makes your life easier giving you easy access to any function or application.

In addition, classic iPods are mostly audio devises manufactured mostly for listening to music, watching videos and browsing photos. But, the iPod Touch is much more that that; is in fact a PDA where you can also listen to Mp3 tracks but in a much better quality sound, watch videos and movies in its wide high resolution touchscreen, play games in 3D graphics, browse to the internet with its built-in Wi-Fi network, download cool and astonishing applications that will make you never get bored again. You have also access to already installed apps like Calendar, Calculator, Clock, Contacts while the newest versions also feature Bluetooth technology, Mail, Google Maps and Notes and Weather applications.

Furthermore, Classic iPods have a storage space from 2GB up to 160GB for Mp3 tracks, videos and photos. The iPod Touch on the other hand, comes only in three different types with 8GB, 32GB or GB internal memory.

Another difference is that iPod Touch features the so called rotation detection technology. This ability enables users to enjoy full screen videos, games and apps as they rotate according to the way they hold it. It is rather useful as you can place your iPod Touch in a horizontal place and enjoy your favorite movie without tiring your eyes! It is also very handy when you browse pictures taking full advantage of its amazing screen characteristics.

What makes iPod Touch more popular than other iPod models is its built-in Wi-Fi connection. You can now send and receive emails anywhere, keep in touch with your Facebook friends, update your Twitter status, watch YouTube videos, download songs, find your way with Google Maps, find important info and many more. If you are an avid game player, you can also invite your friends to join you in a soccer game wirelessly and lead your team to victory!

Overall, the iPod Touch is the best personal audio devise on the market today offering you many hours of fun. No other previous iPod model can beat the iPod’s Touch technology and features. So, if you are about to buy one, do not hesitate! Enjoy the amazing digital world it has to offer and let yourself get drifted into it!


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