The differences between an Amazon Kindle and a Nook

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Since its official release in November 2007, the Amazon Kindle has been established as the number one ebook reader measuring innumerous fans worldwide. Without needing to own a personal computer, users can easily download bestseller ebooks directly from the official Amazon website via wireless connection joined to their personal Amazon account. Nevertheless, exactly two years later, the Barnes & Noble’s Nook made its first appearance receiving outstanding reviews. And now, buyers are caught up in between facing a great dilemma; which is the best ebook reader? Let’s break down their features trying to determine the winner.

1. Display

What makes these devices so great is the technology they use. After downloading a book, you can read it page-by-page without any difference from a real book. They both feature a 6’’ wide display screen making reading a delightful experience. Moreover, both the Kindle and the Nook, use the so called ‘E-Ink’ technology making text look like real ink-printed words. And here lays their first difference; Nook uses a separate color touch navigation screen placed exactly underneath the main display screen. This feature enables you to scroll among various ebooks, magazines, newspapers and publicized articles finding the ones that interest you in no time. Additionally, the Nook features an eye-friendly soft rear light preventing from burning eyes sensation, eye irritation, and dizziness and of course, makes it easy for you to read in the dark.

2. Storage Capability

Both ebook readers have an internal memory up to 2 GB enabling you to download and save over to 1500 ebooks. Nevertheless, the Nook gives you the change to extend your storage space via a microSD card up to 16GB. That means you can actually save up to approximately 20000 ebooks or other publications without having to worry about available space.

3. Connectivity

Both the Amazon Kindle and the Nook use a 3G connection to help you download ebooks without needing an external wireless connection. But, Nook also features a built-in Wi-Fi system making downloading faster and easier. Also, Wi-Fi connection is free when you choose to visit the Free Barnes and Noble Stores but without a browser.

4. The Nook’s Pioneering Ability

The Nook wins many points as features the ‘LendMe’ capability. This characteristic allows you to lend ebooks, magazines or any other publications to friends without needing to buy and download the publication from scratch. Of course, to make this happen, both users must have installed the official Barnes and Noble software but do not have to actually own a Nook. Your friends can easily read it to their iPhone or computer as long as the appropriate program is installed. Furthermore, you can loan an ebook only for 2 weeks. Remember that if you agree to lend an ebook, you will not be able to have access to it until the lending time is over.

5. Software

A crucial difference between the two products is the software they use. The Nook developers choose to install the Google Android software trying to caught people’s attention. Google Android is highly evolving software and many software developers are ready to create the most outstanding applications for the Nook to elevate your reading experience. In the future, you may even see iPhone- like applications in your Nook! And do not forget that only the Nook is supported by Blackberry and Mac OS.

6. Personalization

Only with the Nook you are able to apply the background and screensavers you want without having to be tied on the grey custom screensavers of the Kindle. You can even change the back cover choosing between different colors and patterns.

7. Worldwide Accessibility

The most important functional difference between the two ebooks readers is there global availability. The Amazon Kindle allows users in more than 100 countries to download ebooks and take advantage of its features while the Nook works only in the US. Citizens outside US cannot download ebooks or any other kind of publications. But, if you have are a US citizen and have already downloaded and saved publications before traveling abroad, you can still read them while being out of the state. Nevertheless, the Nook manufacturers are working to solve this issue in the near future and make it the best global ebook reader.

There is a war going on and the winner will soon be determined. What is most important is that both companies, in their effort to release the best ebook reader in the market, constantly upgrade their features. If you are interested in buying one of the two ebook readers, it is best to consider all parameters and find out which one meets your needs most efficiently.


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