The Best Beginners Meditation Techniques for Stress and Anxiety

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When practicing meditation to reduce stress and anxiety daily, it can help reduce damage and the toll it has taken on your body, sometimes even reverse it. There are various beginners meditation techniques to teach you how to meditate. The best meditation techniques for you will different from another individual but as you explore different styles you will eventually find with some practice and experimentation the style that is best for you.

Effective beginners meditation techniques are:

Focused breathing exercises: Focused breathing techniques for meditation can lower your stress levels in as little as five minutes and the effects are long lasting. It begins with a simple exercise where you relax, inhale, hold your breath and exhale slowly.

Guided Meditation CD’s: This method is a favorite amongst beginners meditation techniques. In fact it is one of the best meditation techniques for those having trouble quieting their mind when practicing meditation.  It involves listening to music as a guide’s voice lead you effortlessly into a meditative state.

Hypnotherapy: Very similar to being in a deep meditation you learn to practice visualization exercises with your eyes closed. You feel calm, very relaxed, and very focused. You will be asked questions by the hypnotherapist and records responses about what your mind is visualizing. It can be imagined as an interview with your normal brain chatter conveniently turned off.

Meditation software: Now rising in popularity with the number of people who use computers increasing exponentially, you simply listen to a cd-rom through headphones follow the voiceover instructions. On your computer screen you will see instant feedback displayed by the software of your physiological measurements.  

All of these beginners meditation techniques help you reach the meditative state you desire. Learn more about how effective the best meditation techniques are and how they can help you relieve stress and anxiety in your daily life.


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