How To Choose The Right Bra

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The right bra is the one that accentuates your curves while providing your bust with ample support. He key to finding the right bra is to getting one that supports you well yet looks elegant. You need to have different styles to match your clothes, the season as well as your body type. A pregnant woman needs bras in lager sizes every month during the term of her pregnancy; she should have support as her priority rather than style.

 Firstly you need to know your bust size. With the help of a measuring tape measure the size of your rib cage; the area just below the bust, this is the size of your bra. Now measure the size of your bust. This tells you your cup size. If the difference is ½ an inch then your cup size is AA, 1-2 inches is A, 3-4 inches is B, 4-5 inches is D.

 Once you have the size right then you need to try on the bras. The cup size needs to fit right along with the right bra size. The straps can be adjusted accordingly.

 Opt for bras with the middle hook. Choose your fabrics wisely. While cotton is normally the best fabrics for all undergarments, you can opt for other fabrics like lace and satin as per your needs.

 If you are trying to increase the size of your bust then you can choose padded bras but make sure that it is of a proper size. Wear a bra that does not reveal that it is padded. 

 Take care while buying bras with under wires. Loosely fit bras or unbranded bras can have wires that stick out into your breast or rib cage and cause serious damage to your body.

 Pregnant women must buy cotton bras with wide straps in order to support their chest. Nursing bras that open from the front help to feed the infant with ease and minimum struggle.


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