How To Accessorize Your Casual Closet

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Casual should hopefully not mean denims and flip flops with absolutely no reason for anyone to give you a second look. Casual should scream your personality. The clothes, shoes and accessories that you sport on your casual days at work or generally in your life should depict the person that you are. Keeping it simple yet elegant, sleek and comfortable is the key.

 What should your casual wardrobe consist of?

 A few pairs of jeans in different cuts is one of the most necessary articles of clothing in your casual wardrobe. A boot cut, skinny, straight fits and a denim skirt is a must. Having a few skirts and dresses around the wardrobe adds color to your get-up. Have a pair of clean and comfortable sneakers and a pair of flat ballerina shoes handy. A classic white t-shirt and a few other colors are required. Bags must be small and chic and have a large beach bag tucked away as well. Totes are always environmental friendly so they are an absolute must have. Jewelry in different shades, colors and sizes are good to have in stock. They should either match or contrast your outfit. A few belts to match your outfits as well as scarves should be at arms reach.

 How to accessorize

 Firstly you need to dress up as per the activities lined up for the day. If you are shopping or catching up with old friends for coffee you most definitely need not wear heels. Keep your attire as comfortable as possible.

 Wear funky watches or hair scarves.

 Change you look with the belt you wear. If you are slender then opt for wider belts that accentuate your curves, or if you are pear shaped then wear a belt that is finer so that it makes your lower body look slimmer.

 Always keep a water bottle and sun screen in your purse.


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