Online Diets for Guys

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Are more online diets coming out geared to males? In January of every year there’s an onslaught of gym memberships signed up for and exercise equipment bought.  These tend to happen with men and with women equally. January is a huge month for diet programs as well with post-holiday eating over with and summer weather (meaning more skin showing) on the horizon.  2009 is so far seeing an increase in men purchasing online diet plans.

For many women who surf the net they’re happy to get information for their dieting needs from websites, newsletters and blogs. This is now increasing for men as well. Many online sites catered to women in the past but nowadays, it’s apparent that men are also interested in using the internet to help with getting fitter and leaner because many new resources are either unisex or catering to men specifically.

People are more health conscious than ever and websites are taking notice and ensuring they cater to male and female audiences. They offer online menu generators, fitness routines, information on supplements and downloadable diet and exercise information books.

Online Diets for Men

There are a lot of online diets that are geared for women.  The Flat Belly Diet is one that’s more often chosen by women because it’s sponsored by Prevention Magazine which has a largely female audience.  Men can do the diet too but more women gravitate toward it because the magazine leans toward a female demographic.

The Idiot Proof Diet is geared to men and women equally. Their website targets the ideal male and female body and appeals to people who want to lose weight fast by tricking their metabolism but who don’t really have plans to exercise. The calorie shifting diet fools the body so that it doesn’t plateau and it provides an online menu plan generator telling you exactly what you need to eat. (There’s a journal on this website  outlining the 11 day plan day by day)

Burn the Fat / Feed the Muscle is one diet that’s geared to men more than women because of the muscle aspect.  Women can do this too, of course males looking at online diets often tend to gravitate towards this one.

Turbulence Training: This one is geared for anyone with a lot of exercise plans designed to build muscle while simultaneously burning fat but it seems to be especially for men. It even comes with a bonus book: 20 Minute Workouts for the World’s Busiest Dads

If you’re a male looking for an online diet and / or online exercise program you’ll find a fair number of sites geared to females but that doesn’t mean you can’t do those diets. You’ll also see that there are a large number of new online resources for men’s health, wellness, dieting and fitness as well.


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