Nopalitos.Edible cactus that goes great with a huge variety of food.

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The reasons hereby listed ,indicating why you should include nopalitos in your menu,are as follows,in random order.

1-The number one reason to add something to your meal is it’s great taste.Nopalitos meets this criteria.

2-Nopalitos pairs well with just about anything,they can be served hot or cold,and mix deliciously with many foods.

3-Nopalitos are superb when served into a molten cheese quesadilla and complimented with green salsa.Once you try this recipe you’ll never want them missing from quesadillas or any other cheese plate.

4-Nopalitos are great with baked beans or added to any stew,they’re chewy and salty and enhance anything you combine them with.

5-Nopalitos have all the benefits of any green vegetable,plus a medicinal feature because they lower the blood sugar level,making this an excelent plus for people with diabetic ailments.

6-Nopalitos are low priced,and can be served into a taco,increasing the taste of the meat,and the juicyness.

7-Nopalitos are great for digestion an contribute to your weight loss because they do not contain any fattening substance.

8-Nopalitos will combine with most salads,and go specially well with tomatoes,beets,lettuce and mushrooms.

9-Nopalitos can integrate with any salsa recipe providing a chunky,flavorful element.

10-Nopalitos go incredibly well in any chicken or meat preparation that involves tomato sauce.

If all of these were not sufficient  by themselves nopalitos make a great ingredient in omelettes,or served hot as a side with scambled eggs.

The japanese have bought most of Mexico’s production of nopalitos based on all the nutritional and dietetic values of these fantastic cacti.And you can also find them in many fresh food markets in raw form,in case that you would want them in a different preparation than it’s classical brined in a jar.

Did I mention that you can put them in the blender with orange juice and drink them for weight loss?


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