An Overview of Mobile DTV

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A consortium, comprised of the big players in the digital age, including Microsoft, Motorola, Intel, Nokia, Texas Instruments and others to create the Mobile DTV Alliance.  Mobile Digital Television (DTV) offers smart phone and some cell phone owners the ability to watch live television on their mobile handsets, from smart phones to PDAs.  With Mobile DTV, which is not to be confused with Digital Television, television shows can be watched that are streamed live, as they are shown on normal television stations, or from websites that have the programs stored and ready to play, either streamed live or stored and viewed later.

The major players in the home entertainment, smart phone and computer industries will all be releasing stand-alone DTV and Mobile DTV viewers in mid-2010.  The stand-alone players will be hooked up to computers and televisions, and the Mobile viewers will be sort of like portable televisions but with all the channels available, and fewer and smaller fees.  Users can manipulate stored video, watch multiple shows (some with angle options) and do everything a DVR or TiVo can do.

Of course, you can also use your smart phones, with the right application(s) installed and running, in order to watch mobile DTV while on the go.  The idea is to give satellite and cable television a run for their money.  And they are running, straight to their corporate laywers, crying unfair while watching their billion dollar portfolios slowly rise by a few thousand dollars an hour.

Expect to see applications (apps) for current and newer smart phones to receive broadcasted Mobile DTV, as well as to manipulate, store and share with friends, family and social networking site contacts.  Apps will be added to the stores that provide them daily, as the mere idea of complete control over television through a smart phone is making the technophiles quiver in their Lazy-Boys.

Mobile DTV could revolutionize the way many people watch television.  Why pay for a monthly satellite or cable bill when you can transfer all of the DTV shows onto your large screen, high-definition LED LCD television?  You transfer the information from a smart phone that you already pay a monthly fee for all-the-time access?  Using an HDMI cable is a preferencial hookup for watching mobile DTV on a large screen tv, as the signal loss is minimal.  However, a wireless local area network (LAN), with your home theater surround sound system, laptop and wireless communications devices, like smart phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), can make your Mobile DTV experience a complete home theater experience.

For when on the road, say a long train ride, or a long road trip with a car full of bickering children (or bickering adolescents), Mobile DTV can deliver a lot more than the IPhone, or any current smart phones on the market.  Mobile DTV could well be better than cable and satellite television, with regards to the quality and user-friendliness of live and recorded television shows, HBO, movies and other medium, as it is geared for the broadcast channels that the shows are aired on.

Why not give Mobile DTV a try?  With current promotions and 30 to 90 day, no questions asked money back guarantees, you may just find that the Mobile DTV revolution has knocked on your door.  Compare the fees and benefits, as well as the capabilities of both your current home television provider and Mobile DTV.  With being able to bring your Mobile DTV viewer, which could be your smart phone, anywhere you go, you could sync your viewer with any capable televisions and play stored shows, music videos, movies and movie clips.

Shop smart.  Shop informed.


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