Views on Excel and Office Programs

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I have been guilty many times of always relying on Excel to do most of my data even word processing, including resumes, letters, etc. the reason is that Excel has always had the capability to format like a word processer does and of course you start to become good at “getting around” in your favorite computer program and you get lazy. 

Originally, I remember there was a lot more interest in competitive software in the word processing realm then in the spreadsheet and even database selections. Then suddenly it was down to two major word processors Word Perfect and Word. It was at that time that I forced myself away from Excel to do “everything” including the kitchen sink, and I now use it more for numbers crunching. The spreadsheet programs where Lotus and Excel, and the data bases were Dbase and FoxPro and were completely separate programs from your spreadsheet program. Getting all of your data into one source was a major balancing act. 

The reason I had to stop “over using” Excel and start using Word Processing programs is because the world was now starting to share data via files in emails and on disk. And no one else really shared my love of Excel and all of its capabilities enough to get them to do Word Processing on it. It was hard to wean myself off of it because no other program had the 3 major components, spreadsheet for numbers, format text for word processing and database capabilities for analytical all in one program and sometimes all in one file. I could format and print any letter, etc. faster than my cohorts. 

Every so often if I am in an Excel spreadsheet already and I know for sure I will not have to cut and paste or share my data in any way (that they may have to edit) with someone else, I will type something quick and not even think about it. It just seems more efficient. But I guess I can also see that Word has been a huge package and a major part of the Office Series revenue, so I am becoming more and more familiar with it as I use it happily to now do any of my wordy documents. But Excel is still my favorite!


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