Help Raise Money for Haiti

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This is the time to help, to reach out, to be “human” again, irrespective of the boundaries of geography, color and race. This is the time to give.

People have been uprooted, their familes destroyed, friends missing, presumed dead, their life savings gone – all within the 12 minutes the quake lasted. People are now living in make shift tents, water and food are scarce, hunger & poverty rampant. Diseases are starting to spread and would soon reach catastropic levels. World bodies are starting to help out but the much more is needed.

All of us, at the other side of the world, as we watch the horror unfold should get out of our cozy beds, from the warmth of our homes, the comforting arms of our familes and start to contribute in any meaninful way as we can. It does not matter how big or small our contributions are – it all matters and helps. Little drops of water indeed makes up an ocean! So, get up, get going, start giving!

We, at MyContextualAds would like to do our share too. We announce that we would contribute 20% of all revenues that we generate for ourselves for the next three months. (This would not affect the pay-out percentages to our publishers – only ours!)

We would use any one of the agencies mentioned in the page to make the contributions. We would urge you too also consider making a donation.

This is the least, the very least that we can do for the people of Haiti


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