Moving: Transition Traumas

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There are basically a couple different approaches to moving and it all boils down to: is this move considered a good move you are excited about in your life or a bad move that you are dreading? That may set the tone for things to come starting with your first step to go grab that first moving box. If you are moving a whole family; you may have a divided household (including Fido) on whether this is going to be a good move or not. So setting the tone is important. 

There are also some points to consider along the way: 

These days with the internet, you can actually see where you are going on a highway, in a neighborhood, on a street, business, etc. So, using all of the internet resources really helps take a lot of unknowns out of the picture. You can map out shopping, schools, and weather, anything you need beforehand. 

Even with the use of the internet, most of your experience will be new, so try to keep an open mind. When we are faced with new data our mind’s tend to take it over and make a picture up based on our experiences; this may help a bit to get you going, but keep some “head space” open to new events, facts and experiences, it’s what makes life fun, the surprises and unexpected. 

Be prepared to mourn some little things; sometimes after a move you feel like you are mourning something, it can be something that previously seemed so insignificant and trivial. It could be a neighbor you weren’t even close with, an item in your previous kitchen that you used everyday but somehow won’t work where you are at now. Your emotions will be up and down for a little while, because your mind is calculating all of the changes in the background and on the back burner. This is normal and will pass as time goes by and new things replace the holes your mind is calculating. 

By all means have as much fun and take in as much of the good that comes. Treat yourself often; take breaks; do not over do your move mentally or physically. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Leaving your favorite can opener behind = small stuff. Forgetting your second car in the garage, you may want to double check on that one.


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