Protect Your Eyes From Computer Radiation

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Eyes is one of the most valuable asset and should be properly health guarded . If we too often in front of a computer screen can make our eyes become tired. Did you know that the radiation of electromagnetic waves generated by computer can interfere our health? The Study conducted by American Optometric Association (AOA) trigger that computer radiation can cause eye fatigue and other eye disorders. Most of the respondents complained about their eyestrain, blurred vision and dry eyes. Other visual problems that arise is a matter of headache disorders and neck or shoulder pain. For those of you who often work in front of the computer, protect and take care of your eyes from the radiation generated.

Here are some tips that can be done to protect and take care of your eyes :

1. Use The screen filter to reduce the radiation that caused from the computer screen.

2. If We have more budget buy a computer screen that has low radiation, such as LCD screens (liquid crystal display).

3. Keep your eye distance with the monitor. The ideal minimum distance between the eyes with a computer monitor is 45 cm.

4. Adjust the screen position with the eyes, do not be too high or too low, because it can cause neck pain. In addition, if the monitor is too high from the eye, it will disrupt the supply of air supplied to the brain. Screens should be positioned parallel to the eye. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), as quoted in Rctimes, to prevent eye fatigue should place the monitor with the ergonomic position. Monitors should be placed in the position of the eyes of 16-30 inches, depending on how big the screen. Generally a comfortable position to look at the monitor is 20 to 26 inches.

5. Adjust light intensity monitor with eye comfort. If the brightness is too bright or too dim, it is not good for eye health. If the lighting is too bright will make the eyes glare, and if the lighting is too dim will make the eyes work harder to see. This will make our eyes become tired. For that, try to adjust the monitor brightness and contrast until your eyes can see comfortably. Do not forget to adjust the resolution with the characters on the monitor so the document can easy to read.

6. Rest your eyes for a moment. Do not constantly staring to a computer screen. Try to provide a few minutes to rest our eyes. This will reduce eye and muscle fatigue. Refresh eye by looking into another room or at the beautiful blue sky or green plants.

7. Be often winking to avoid eye becomes dry. Rarely winked will blink the eyes become dry. If We frequently winked the eyes will blink the tears that will spread to the entire surface of the cornea to keep the eye moist and clear.

8. Try to Wear a sunglasses with special lenses for computer. As a reported, the expert eyes problems (Optometrist) Dr. Jay Schlanger said some companies are now starting to make the top lenses are designed to look at the computer, and the bottom for reading. Users also have the contact lens solution, namely by replacing the new generation contact lenses made from silicone hydrogel. “This type silicon allows oxygen transmission power higher than other types,” said Schlanger.

9. Expand more consumption of Vitamin A to remains the eyes in a good condition.

10. If our eyes feel disturbed, immediately go to eye specialist doctor to make sure that our eyes really well.

Good Luck.


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