Two Easy Ways To Make Fast Cash

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1st Way to Make Money

From my experience, the easiest way to make some fast cash is to help people move. Think about this: Last year in 2009, I earned over $6,000.00 helping people pack and unpack moving trucks. If you do the quick math, that’s $500.00 per month. Here’s how you do it: Simply post an advertisement on craigslist describing the services you provide. Establish a rate that you charge and stick to it. The next thing you know, your cellphone will start ringing. People will pay $20-$30 per hour for a good mover. Also, if you work really hard you get lots of tips. One job I remember: A guy asked me to help him move some furniture in his apartment. I charged him $20.00 and it took 30 minutes. When we were done, the man handed me three spanking new $20 bills…imagine making $60 bucks for a half hour of work. Well, what are you waiting for…start stacking those boxes!

2nd Way to Make Money

In addition to helping people to move, I also earned $3,200.00 last year writing articles online.

Personally, I write for Bukisa and eHow. As an example, I am home right now writing this article. It is 11:31PM and my wife and children are asleep. As they enjoy the comfort of a soft, warm bed, I am on the computer cranking out articles. Here’s how you make money writing articles online: Reach a broad audience with your articles. The better (more interesting) your article, the more money you are going to make. Make sure your topics are easy to understand and not too technical. Your goal is to make the reader say, “Wow! I have got to send this article to all my friends!” If you can accomplish that then you can make money writing articles.


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