The Titanic

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Human beings always seek great things, which can be regarded as impossible, but as time passed it demonstrates that all can be achieved, but these moments of greatness can be overshadowed by too much confidence or over-confidence. That is the case with the Titanic, one of the most famous ships of all time. It was in its time a breakthrough in studying ocean vessels, which was built with the premise that it could not sink, for the design of which was built that allowed water to flood the ship to more than half and still would not sink the Titanic, that’s what all theengineering studies that were done said about it.

When the boat crossed over the ocean there was great excitement and expectation, hoping that all the boat sailing on the ocean’s cold waters of the north, unimpeded and safe to reach the shores of America. However, people had too much confidence and pride in the construction of the boat, saying that nothing could sink the boat, which was invincible, that was the feeling that there was on the boat. Ironically, the boat sank when colliding with an iceberg near the waters of Greenland and hundreds of people killed by the freezing waters below zero.

One of the causes of the sinking of the Titanic was precisely the excessive trust that was once on the invincibility of the vessel that could not sink, and therefore were not taken adequate precautions in order to save the boat from a possible collapse.

The rudder of the boat was too small to be able to effectively turn the boat and therefore when the Titanic hit the iceberg, the small rudder was not effective enough to be able to divert a ship so huge and of majestic size that was the Titanic.

Another aspect that snare in the death of many people, is the scarcity of boats or emergency boats that were in the Titanic for the same reason as it did not expect any problems of sinking. The crew was not prepared for a potential disaster, so this added to more people to stay in contact with cold water from the north of the planet. Therefore, this cause had many effect on people because they didn’t have help from the staff of the ship.

Thus the sinking of the Titanic gives us a great lesson, and that is to never be too confident, always be ready if there is a need and always preventand be alert of potential problems. Never take things for granted. For example, never believe that something is already firmly established, provided the possibility of other things occurring than expected, thus avoid disasters like what happened to the Titanic.


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