Global Warming, the starting point of Mayan calender?

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Natural disaster and global warming have been a hot issue for a long time but what have we done to tackle this problem?

National Climatic Data Centre said that 2009 global surface temperature were 0.56 celcius above averega, which tied the year for the fifth warmest year on the record. 2000-2009, is the warmest decade on record and it easily surpassing the previous hottest decade-the 1990s. “The planet maybe be warming at a potentially disasterous rate.”said a US researcher.

The warmest year on record is 2005, at 0.54 degree celcius above average and it is most probably caused by uncontrolled human activities, including fossil fuels. Despite this situation is getting worse, there are still a lot of people who are not aware of it.

However, political leaders from around the world have been struggling to get through this matter in the climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although this serious matter is becoming worst, but reaching an agreement has been difficult amid fears of economic effects of any major change.

There are many people who are concern about the catastrophe which could be brought by global warming. The rising sea level, the extinction of flora and fauna, the increase of drought, the increase of flood and much more to go.

In the previous year, we have the heaviest snowflall in China for the past 55 years, typhoons rampaging Philiphines causing fatal flooding and a disasterous flood caused by heavy rainfall in Britain.

Is this the beginning of 2012? Is this a bad omen for humanity? Well, this may be true but we can always change it as fate lies in our own hand. It is never too late to do something as better be late than never. For the sake of humanity and our mother earth, kindly do your part to our loving land. But of course, all this is just an assumption as we will never know if the Mayan Calender 2012 could be a fact.

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