The Sweet History of Chocolate

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Ah! The “Love Month” is coming once again! Would it be nice if one receives a bouquet of red roses plus a box full of chocolates in it?

Speaking of chocolates, did you know that this sweet valentine favorite was first introduced as a drink?

Yes, the term “chocolate” was originally referred to a drink that is similar to today’s hot chocolate. It was first introduced to Spain on 1519 by the famous explorer Hernan Cortes. The popularity of the drink spread gradually from Spain and all across Europe.

Until on 1828, the Dutch made chocolate powders. They squeezed most of the fat from finely ground beans of cacao, also known as cocoa. The butter was squeezed and pressed and was mixed to a powder-sugar and eventually gave birth to a new product – the eating chocolate or chocolate bars.

Around, 1876, the Swiss added condensed milk to chocolate which are now popular as milk chocolates.

Today, chocolates are produced using a proper mix of chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids. Along with the use of new technology, large chocolate factories like Hershey’s now utilizes heavy machines which rolls and crushes the chocolate mixtures at a certain period of time. Additional flavors are now being added such as Vanilla. Lecithin is also added to serve as an emulsifying agent.

After all the mixtures and processes, our favorite chocolate is now ready to be molded into bars – the famous chocolate bars!

So if you’re asked as to how chocolates began, for sure you can give an answer along with a sweet chocolatey smile!

Happy Eating!


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