Simple ways you can save on electricity

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There are some things people do in efforts to save energy that are not really that efficient. There are many people who do all they can do to conserve water and energy. There are others who don’t even want to be bothered with making changes to conserve water or energy. There are many ways to conserve energy and water without much effort. These ways range from changing high wattage light bulbs to a lower wattage. Even when you cover your windows during the summer in order to block out the sun that is considered conserving energy because you keep the house cool this way. Since you are assisting in keeping the house cool means you are using less electricity on your air conditioning.                                                                                                        You should lower your water heater temperature down to 120 degrees or lower. This will keep at a decent temperature in which you won’t see any surprises on your next bill. To save energy on air conditioning during the summer you want to make sure that your windows have shade (curtains, blinds). This will help keep the heat from the sun from getting into your home.  At night you want to take the shade off of your windows so that  cool air can circulate through the house.   If you have light fixtures or lamps where the amount of light coming from it is not important, you should use a lower wattage bulbs. If it’s in a room that is not used all the time, you would do good as to put in a light bulb with the lowest wattage as possible. You can save on energy when your doing laundry by washing most of your clothes in cold water.                                                                                                           You can save up to $70 a year on your energy bill. Be sure to check the labels in your clothes to be sure that it’s okay to wash that certain material in cold water. Every month you want to check your heating or air conditioning filters. The appliances will work harder if the filters are dirty. The filters are easy to take out and when you clean them you can take them in the yard and spray them down with the water hose.


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