Valentine Gifts Anyone Can Make

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So, lets get started. Check each list and then decide which little gift works best for your family members.

Ideas for Him
Cookies with colored sugar or sprinkles
Popcorn seasonings in fancy little jars
A love letter complete with melted wax to seal
Gift wrap a candy bar… but be sure to buy his favorite kind of bar
A collection of songs that mean something to the pair of you.

Ideas for children to make
A wire wreath trimmed with oodles of red ribbon bows
A hand made flower. My daughter did this when she was little and it was adorable. Give them some construction paper and the sky is the limit!
Cut out bookmark shapes from bristol board and then let the kids decorate each bookmark. Be sure to date the bookmark, because you will save them for years and years!!

Ideas for Her
Fancy soaps that you know they won’t buy for themselves
This one is really, really mushy. Tie a simple ribbon to the oldest key you can find and then put it into a little gift wrapped box. If this doesn’t melt her heart… nothing will!

Ideas for Grandma
A red candle so that when Grandma lights it, she will think of you. 🙂

Ideas for Grandpa
A box of chocolates… men never seem to out grow their love of candy!

Advent Calendar for kids
They are pretty popular at Christmas and I am pretty sure that the same thing goes for Valentine’s Day. Line up 14 match boxes that you have already wrapped in colorful paper  and glue them an inch a part of a pretty ribbon. Now here comes the fun part. Open each little box and then hide candy inside each one.

I’m sure that there are tons of other gift ideas, but that should get you started. As I think of more, I will add them!!


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