Steam showers

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Steam Showers

Steam showers have evolved from the steam bath, which is thought to be invented during the height of the Roman Empire. Ancient Roman baths served community and social functions within their society. These Roman baths were supplied by natural hot springs from beneath the ground. In the 1950’s the first mini-electric steam bath for home use was invented and patented by a man named David Altman.

The steam shower has only recently become famous – its predecessor, the sauna has been around for years and have an interesting history with the first one used to provide relief against dropping winter temperatures. Back in the day, pits were dug in slopes in the ground with a fireplace where people heated stones. Once the stones were hot enough, water was thrown over it to produce steam. This would cause the temperature to rise so the people could achieve the benefits of the warm steam.

A steam shower is essentially a steam room that offers the typical features of a bathroom shower. Steam showers are generally found in self-contained enclosures that prevent the water vapor from escaping into the rest of the room, avoiding damage to the walls. A steam shower is a wonderful way not only to hydrate your skin but also to relax you. Steam opens up your pores, cleanses, soothes, lubricates, and is great for any skin type. Steam helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and deeply cleans your skin. Both men and women find that deep steam skin cleansing helps maintain a clear, smooth complexion.

A steam shower can be just as soothing as a massage and eases the tenseness associated with modern day living. Think of it as a “water massage”. Skin regenerates itself every four to six weeks, sloughing off dead skins cells in the process. Daily steam showers open up your pores, cleanses, soothes, lubricates, and is great for any skin type.

You can have softer skin and hair in less than a week with these daily refreshing steam showers. A filter guarantees the purest of water by eliminating pollutants, such as chlorine, hardened minerals, and harsh chemicals that make their way into our water. Shower head filters have become increasingly popular over the last ten years because of the cosmetic advantages, because there are health risks from chemicals and minerals that come through our shower heads and faucets.

In the bath or shower, chemicals can enter your body in two ways, one, by inhaling the steam from the shower and two, through the skin. Our chlorine shower head filters work harder than other filters in ridding out pollutants. Chlorine and other chemical vapors are irritating and hazardous to your health. If you were to close the bathroom door while showering, you soon see the steam fill the room. But what you cannot see, (but you may sometimes smell), is the chlorine and chemicals infiltrating the air you breathe. Inhaled chemicals go straight to the blood stream, so our well-made chlorine/chemical/mineral filters for the shower may be more important to your health than the filter on your kitchen faucet.

So, obtaining a good chlorine shower head filter to block the chemicals before they have a chance to get to your skin and enter the body is an excellent way for you and your family to remain healthy. It’s like showering in spring water. Picture the tactile sensation of a warm waterfall, pure and calming.

One of the first differences you may notice will be in your hair and your skin. The best chlorine filters for the shower block the chemicals, but they also balance the pH and mineral content of your tap water. This is very good and builds the keratin in our skin and hair. You might also notice less mineral deposits on your bathroom walls and mirrors. To sum it all up, what you really have is cleaner, purer water. Isn’t that something we all want? Swimming pool industries have known for a while chlorine fumes enhance and aggravate asthma. These chlorine shower head filters for the home are the result of years of investigation and research. If you or any one you love has been fraught with a frequency of sinus problems, headaches and even a feeling of dizziness, chloroform gas could be the problem. The FDA advised that almost every home in the country has some levels of chloroform gas in their air. This is a result from chlorine vaporization, which stays in the air, long after the steam from a shower diminishes.

Just the thought of an enhancing mist of steamed water is enticing enough, let alone the medicinal benefits of inhaling the purified vapors. Treat yourself to these steam showers on a daily basis, and watch the immediate results, not to mention the steady “steam” of compliments!


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