It’s Time The Democratic Party Grows a Pair or Goes Away

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Late Tuesday night, Republican Scott Brown won a victory as the new U.S. Senator to one of the most liberal states in America, Massachusetts. As if that wasn’t enough of a slap in the face to the Democrats, the seat Brown won had formerly been held by Democrat leader Edward M. Kennedy for almost 50 years.

If this isn’t a sign of the general public’s outrage at how the Democrats have handled the U.S. over the last year, then nothing is.

True, it’s been a rough year. The economy has tanked badly. There are still wars going on. Nothing is really being done about the environment. The health care debate has become a joke.

And who is to blame? The finger pointing has already begun. Democrats in Massachusetts are blaming the Democrats in Washington, D.C. The Washington Democrats are blaming those in Boston.

All the while, the Republicans are sitting back smug.

Yes, the Republicans. The same people who controlled Washington when the economy first collapsed. The same group who controlled Washington when terrorists killed thousands upon our very own soil. And the last two wars began. The very same political party that controlled every branch of the U.S. federal government when questions of torture came up, and when wire tapping was permitted on American households.

Yeah, those people. The Republicans.

And now they suddenly look good to Americans again, just one short year later.

So, who is really to blame?

The answer: The ENTIRE Democratic party.

Why? Because the party as a whole not only has no strong leadership, but it has no backbone. The Republicans aren’t a split party when it comes to … well, just about anything. It doesn’t seem to matter if an issue is economic, social, or whatever, the Republicans can get their act together and push through whatever it is they want.

But not the Democrats. They have to make deals and have meetings and try to work things out with the moderates. They sit back and let the Republicans bad-mouth them and call them all kinds of names, some appropriate and some not. And do the Democrats do anything about it? No, they whine and hope the Republicans won’t look too good in the next election.

Enough is enough. If the Democrats want to have any kind of future in the stakes of this nation, it’s time the party as a whole took off the kid gloves and began dealing with the Republicans forcibly and directly.

That’s not to say the Democrats need to resort to Republican tactics, basically lying outright and denying reality(the environment, anyone? Hey, it’s real. It’s happening. Don’t believe me? Take a trip to the North Pole and see how much of it’s left! It might not be “global warming,” but something sure as heck is going on).

It’s time the Democrats stopped playing defense all the time, as if they had to answer every little petty gripe that comes along from the Republicans. Get called a communist? Fine, call them fascists! Stop taking their garbage all the time!

But it’s not going to happen. Nancy Pelosi is no kind of leader. President Obama looks good at a podium, but without a lot more backbone and a strong Congress to back him, he might as well go on a fishing trip.

It’s time to start calling the plays and taking action. It’s time to stop re-acting to everything and time to act.

It’s time for major change in this country, and frankly, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are it.

For all the Republicans’ screaming about socialism, there isn’t really a far left political party with any power in the United States (not that there necessarily should be). Sorry, if you think otherwise, you’re flat out wrong. The Democrats aren’t liberals. Heck, they don’t even have enough guts to be liberals. The Democrats are weak-kneed speech givers at best, who only get into office every once in a while when the Republicans screw up enough to make themselves look bad. Democrats don’t win elections. They just wait for Republicans to lose them.

Does no one understand that no one, single idealogy holds the strengths to this country? Doing everything the Republican way or the Democrats’ way is not good for the U.S. What has made this country strong in the past is a mixture of ideas working together. But we don’t have that nowadays. No one wants to work together, they just want their side to win and win in everything and to get their complete way in everything political, social, moral … I could go on.

The day of the United States as a world power is quickly drawing to a close, perhaps has already closed, but our political leaders are too busy struggling over some scraps while the whole pie is burning in the oven.

So much for the triumph of capitalism over communism. The Chinese must be laughing themselves sick.

And let me add here, LOUDLY, I am not a registered Democrat. I’m also not a registered Republican. I’m a registered Independent. That’s for you conservatives who are going to instantly start screaming about me being some left-wing liberal communist socialist just because I’m writing about the Democratic Party and how it needs to get its act together.

I don’t necessarily like the Democratic Party, but neither do I like the Republicans. I think it’s completely ludicrous to try and break down the complexities of reality, even political reality, into only two trains of thought. If you must, call me a moderate, though there doesn’t seem to be any voice for moderates in modern U.S. politics. I do like some aspects and ideas from the Democrats, but I also like some things from the Republicans.

And I’m also a student of history. I see where all of this is headed.

John Lennon compared the United States to the Roman Empire. It seems he was right. The barbarians are not only at the gates, but have bashed it in and are picking away at our tables while we argue over whether to have salt or pepper on the meal. And the new Dark Ages are looming on the horizon.

God bless the U.S.A., because we’re surely going to need it.


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