DIY: Secrets Of A Beautiful Bathroom

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A DIY bathroom renovation to create the retreat you’ve always wanted your bathroom to be does not have to an expensive start-to-finish renovation. The DIY secrets of a beautiful bathroom are relatively inexpensive. The atmosphere is the secret to a beautiful bathroom, and is a DIY bathroom project that can be done with a little paint and a little imagination.

The first secret is to choose your color pallet for your bathroom based on the atmosphere you want your bathroom to have. For example, if you want the feeling of a seashore retreat, chose colors in beiges and blues. A lovers retreat bathroom could be red and white.

If you are repainting the bathroom walls wall colors should harmonize with the adjoining rooms or repeat the same wall color in the bathroom as in the adjoining rooms. If you can’t get the atmosphere in your bathroom that you want when keeping the wall colors in harmony, then think about just painting the back wall off the bathroom in your color choice. That idea brings me to the second secret of a beautiful bathroom.

A beautiful bathroom has something that makes it memorable. One wall painted a bright bold color would make it memorable. If your bathroom is large enough, look around your home for a piece of furniture suitable to bring into the bathroom. A fun little table could be re-painted and re-purposed in the bathroom to hold bubble bath, lotion and candles. An ottoman could be re-upholstered in outdoor fabric to compliment your bathroom color pallet. DIY is not so hard, just use your imagination.

More secrets of a beautiful bathroom include bringing in some soft textures. Bathroom surfaces by their very nature are hard and cold. Warm up your bathroom atmosphere with rugs, cloth shower curtains, curtains over the window and towels folded on a small bookcase or rolled and placed in a basket on the floor.

Add some artwork to your bathroom wall. Keep the artwork with the atmosphere of your bathroom, whether it’s fun, romantic or peaceful.

Find a way to store the clutter of personal grooming products that will detract from the work you put into your DIY bathroom project. Clutter also takes away the feeling of tranquility. Shelves with cute baskets can add bathroom decor and hide the clutter.


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