Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

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This Valentine’s day, give an edible treat that will stimulate loving feelings and make for a romantic night. There are some simple foods and spices that enhance the libido and act as aphrodesiacs.

For years people have been eating Oysters to generate romantic feelings. According to Discovery Health, Oysters are rich in zinc. Zinc is an element that is used by the body to create testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone result in a stronger libido and can increase sexual appetite.

Not everyone enjoys oysters, but luckily another aphrodesiac food is widely loved. Chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine which creates a euphoric feeling and can contribute to a relaxed and loving attitude. Many chocolates also contain stimulants such as caffeine that can help with stamina. Plus most people love the taste of chocolate so it helps to keep people in a pleasant mood.

Many fruits and vegetables also can be used as aphrodesiacs. Fruits and vegetables with high levels of vitamin E can stimulate sex hormones and increase sex drive. Often times just the appearance of certain fruits and vegetables can be sexually suggestive and can enhance libido as well.

Wine can also serve as an aphrodesiac. Enjoying a glass of wine can relax the body and create a sense of euphoria. This relaxed state can help to enhance loving feelings.

Overall, remember to have fun using foods and drinks to enhance romantic feelings on Valentine’s Day. Though no aphrodesiac can create love, they can help to add to the enjoyment of a romantic evening with a special someone.


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