Tips for buying used iPods

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What to look for when buying a used iPod.

The resale value of used iPods is pretty good for sellers looking to unload older iPod models. Refurbished iPods are also sold by authorized Apple resellers and Apple themselves.

But whether you are buying from someone on Amazon or eBay or buying a used iPod from Apple or an authorized vendor, you need to consider certain things before shelling out your hard earned cash.


Does the iPod work? This might seem silly, but iPods are often sold in non-working condition for parts. Even functioning used iPods might not be fully functional. Be sure to read the seller details about the iPod’s controls, powering on and off, connectivity, screen visibility, etc.


This might just be the most important thing to consider when buying a used iPod. iPod batteries, like all rechargeable batteries, will lose the ability to hold full charges and will eventually die.

Does the battery in the iPod work? Is it the original battery or a new battery? If it is a new battery when was it installed? These are important questions to ask before purchasing an iPod. The price to replace an iPod battery, even if you do itself, may prove to be close to the price of a new iPod when you consider the price paid for the used iPod as well.


What is included with the used iPod? Things like headphones and cases can make the purchase a slightly better choice but other accessories (or lack of them) could be a deal breaker. Does the iPod come with a USB cable for connecting to the computer? If not you will need to purchase one separately or spend even more for a universal dock.

Also consider whether the dock adapter is included or not. Without the adapter, you might not be able to use the old iPod in certain docks.

Wear and Tear:

Look for images of the used iPod or a detailed description. A few scratches might not be an issue but if the click-wheel is damaged, the hold button is stuck, or you can’t see the screen due to excessive scratching, it probably isn’t worth it to purchase the used iPod.


Compare the price of a similar new iPod to that of the old used iPod. Look at the features offered on the new one versus the old one. Consider other expenses you might incur when buying the used iPod such as shipping, replacing batteries, cases, or accessories. You might discover that the price of a brand new iPod with more features and included accessories isn’t that far off from the cost of the used iPod.

Consider all of these before paying for a used or refurbished iPod.

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