RuneScape improves Barbarian Assault minigame rewards

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The January 19th, 2010 RuneScape agility update also included an update to Barbarian Assault minigame. In response to player feedback and actual playing experience by moderators, Jagex decided the rewards needed rebalancing.

 One introduction is a barbarian assault penance horn. The penance horn collects charge as each wave of penance is defeated. As agility, firemaking, and mining are trained, the horn loses charge but the RuneScape player receives double experience from his activity, in a manner similar to Sacred Clay tools. The addition of this feature goes along with the recent agility skill improvement.

 A new staff; Penance Trident, has been added to the game. Requiring level 70 Magic to use, Penance Trident allows a chance of saving runes used to cast a spell. There is a one in 60 chance for each rune type used in the spell to be saved. If a spell uses multiple types of runes, there is a one in 60 chance for each separate type of rune to be saved. Although rare, more than one type of rune can be saved on a single cast. The staff’s special attack has a chance of one-hitting an NPC under level 50 (some exceptions) or removing a third of a player’s hitpoints in PvP. The Penance Trident is the third non-tradable armor/weapon added recently to RuneScape following the quest items Balmung and Soul Wars cape.

 Abyssal Whips can be painted four different colors. Painting the abyssal whips makes the painted abyssal whips untradable. However, unlike the ring imbuement mistake by Jagex that caused special rings to inflate 500%, the paint is removable by using a cleaning cloth with the abyssal whip. This allows RuneScape players to unload previously painted abyssal whips. It also raises the possibility of imbuement removal in the future.

 Penance armor stats are improved and penance gloves now reduce more weight, 7kg to be exact.

 Progress can be saved now during battles, the waiting rooms are increased in size, and blue penance eggs now deal damage to and reduce stats of opponent. These are the most prominent of the Barbarian Assault changes in RuneScape.


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