The Ugliest Animals in The World

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Before we reveal the ugliest animals in the world a few things should be noted. First, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That means one persons’ beauty is likely another’s horror. So should you scan through these pictures and find a fleshy, bug eyed, scrawny, fearsome creature to be actually quite lovely in some disturbed way do not blame this article. These are simply the animals most would agree are the ugliest in the world. Second, just because these animals are ugly does not meant they lack a certain wonder factor. You will be amazed at the diversity of ugliness. 

That said, here they are, seven of the the ugliest animals known to humanity to date. 

7. The Screaming “Sphinx Cat”

Okay, maybe this sphinx cat is just yawning, but its uglier as a scream don’t you think? Supposedly these nearly hairless, freakishly evil looking, creatures make exceptionally loving and caring pets. If you happen to own one of these wonderfully loving terrors, more power to you. 

6. The Slimy “Blob Fish”

The blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus) is a bottom feeding blog of slightly-less-dense-than-water gelatinous mass. It has very little muscle which doesn’t seem to matter much, it just eats what floats in front of it. Its your deep sea version of a couch potato (add some sour slime). Why does it remind me of a former high school teacher of mine?

5. The Mucho Macho “Mata Mata Turtle”

Apparently this fresh water turtle from the Amazon is meant to look like leaves and sticks. With triangle head and a pointy schnoz it definitely ranks low on the model-potential scale. However, male Mata Matas display their charm for females by extending their limbs, lunging the head toward the female with mouth wide open, and moving the lateral flaps on the head. You should try it. 

4. Don’t-Make-Me-Angry “Monk Fish”

Ahhh!!! Run away, run away! This freakish fish is mostly one big mouth with a crazy set of teeth with a big muscular tail. To prove the point that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you have to see this monkfish with a little added presentation below. That’s much better isn’t it? 


3. Lasik victim “Philippine Tarsier”

Somebody needs to give this poor guy some dry eye drops. His parents told him this would happen if he kept playing those darn video games–kids. According to Wikipedia the “average adult is about the size of a human fist and will fit very comfortably in the human hand.” But the eyes are the each the size of a frisbee. I think they have telepathic powers. To support my point? Just look into the eyes! Stare deep. If that doesn’t convince you, the ears are in constant motion like mobile satellite dishes…transferring mind beams I think. 

2. The You’re-not-dreaming “Naked Mole Rat”

You may have nightmares of waking up in public. Imagine how terrifying that would be if you looked like this? This guy isn’t dreaming. Good thing they live under ground in “hives” like ants or bees and have very poor eye sight, practically blind. Love would have to be blind after all, if you were a naked mole rat (aka sand puppy).

1. And now… the winner… the ugliest animal in the WORLD… The “Madagascar Aye Aye”

This little lemur combines its strong rodent-like teeth and a very long slender middle finger to provide the same role as the woodpecker in North American woods. Those two facts are wild enough. But this poor little terribly unbelievably indescribably ugly little creature is near extinction? Why? Because its ugliness borders upon evil apparently. The native Malagasy kill it on sight for fear of its magical powers of ugliness. Can you blame them?

Do you know of uglier animals? Feel free to leave a comment. If you find these animals to be so ugly its worth sharing, digg or facebook it below. 

Look at other fun articles and resources around this page, the world is a wildly interesting place. 


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