Get Your Baby On The Cover Of A Magazine

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So, you’ve entered your beautiful baby in contest, after contest, hoping to get them on the cover of the magazine. Has it worked yet? If it hasn’t let me show you how my grand baby made it to the cover of parenting magazine.

Things needed:

  • Computer
  • Internet Service
  • Printer

Step 1. You know your baby is beautiful enough to make the cover of the magazine but the judges didn’t choose them. Don’t worry, you can create your own magazine worthy of your baby. Head to cover maker. I’ve provided the website in  the resource section.

Step 2. Using a jpeg or gif file, hit browse and look for  a picture you want to upload.  After you’ve found it,  hit the “upload” button.

Step 3. Your photo is now on the right side of the page, hit the “edit photo” tab. Here, you can resize and  flip  your photo to fit the page.

Step 4. Now the fun begins, they give you 3 headlines, you can use these or create your own to personalize the picture you just uploaded. On headline tab 1 Type in what you want to say, pick the font size and color. If you want to move the headline click the box that says “move headline”. When you’re done with that headline hit the “set headline” button. Repeat for headline 2 and 3.

Step 5. Last step is to pick the color of the logo & hit “finish cover” button.  It’s now ready to send it to your family and friends, print and download to save.

Resources: Parenting Magazine


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