How To Plan An Inexpensive Wedding

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The idea to plan a quick wedding is to ensure that you get married immediately after the engagement. The longer you wait the more you end up planning and eventually spending on your wedding day. There is no rule that you need to wait a year after your engagement. The ideal time would be 3 months as this allows enough time to make the necessary preparations.

 For a reception you can choose the local school or church grounds. Your parents’ backyard or living room is not a bad idea either. It will have a personal touch as well as be an honor for your parents to host such an important event in your life.

 Choose a cake from the local deli and ask him to make a wedding cake around the theme of your wedding. It will save you a few bucks rather than going in for a commercial one.

Design and print your own invites. You can choose to make them on the material that you used on your dress or customize them any way you like.

 Shop for your wedding dress online or get the local seamstress to customize a red carpet dress for you. Men must buy rather than rent their suits as they have use for it even in the future unlike the wedding gown. In my opinion the groom should splurge on his attire.

 Not serving alcohol at your reception is a great idea. We all love to have a drink to celebrate the day; however you can save a few thousands by skipping this one. Serve sparkling wine, champagne or juices instead.

 Make sure you have a simple affair, with only close family and friends around you don’t need to go all out. Keep long lost friends and family out of your wish list.

 Save tones of money by keeping your reception and car décor simple.

 In my opinion the only thing I would splurge on would be the rings as they are a sign of your everlasting love for each other.


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