10 Good Reasons to Unclutter Your Home Office

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  1. Uncluttering helps you find your items easily and quickly!  How much time do you waste searching for all those items that have been buried in “the stacks”.
  2. Uncluttering your home office will save you money in the long run.  How many supplies have you re-purchased because you couldn’t easily find what you were looking for in the clutter?
  3. Uncluttering allows you to help others.  Look around… what can you donate to a shelter or thrift store?  Many charities can find use for your castoffs!  And your mood is elevated knowing you are helping others less fortunate.
  4. Unclutter your home office and you’ll begin to feel empowered by the space, not the clutter or the control the clutter has had over you.
  5. Uncluttering gives you new found floor, desk and closet space!
  6. Uncluttering allows you to feel comfortable having others in your space, whether it be clients, friends or family.  No more running to hide the clutter in closets, or making excuses as to why you have stacks or boxes of unsorted “stuff” hanging around.
  7. Uncluttering helps you more through your life with less effort.
  8. Uncluttering your workspace allows you to unclutter your mind. Imagine how inspired you can be in an uncluttered space.
  9. Uncluttering allows to to literally move more freely.
  10. Uncluttering brings you a sense of balance – a place for everything and everything in its’ place.

Be well and inspired in your new uncluttered home office!


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