How to Choose The Right Perfume

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Have you ever stood a t a perfume counter and just fallen in love with the fragrance that you tried on? And was there ever a time when the smell of a certain perfume turned you off completely? Perfumes are a mixture of several oils. These react with the environment and your skin to create the aroma that you breathe in. You skin reacts with the perfume to create a positive or negative effect for you.

Not all perfumes are for every one. Britney spears may be your favorite icon and you may want to patronize her by buying the fragrance that she recently launched but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the perfume will suit your body chemistry. It may suit your personality though it may not do much for you.

When buying a perfume you must consider the makeup of your body, this includes your body temperature and chemistry. Every person has a different chemistry and thus what may smell intoxicating on someone else may not feel the same way on you. That is one of the reasons why buying a perfume for someone else is very difficult and a huge risk.

Another way to sample and check if the fragrance suits you is to spray it on your wrist and smell it. Then wait for a few minutes and smell it again to see if it reacts well with your body. If you still feel positive then you have met the fragrance you were looking for.

Your age plays a huge role in the fragrances that you use. A younger woman or man can choose from floral scents or fruity ones while a person in their late30’s must choose more woodsy scents.

Always test a perfume at the department store. You can then choose to buy one online or from a discounted store or sale.


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