How To Organize Your Closet

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Most people have exploding closets. Open a door and you may just be showered with clothes, shoes and other accessories. This causes a lot of panic when you are trying to find a certain something to wear and are running late. Keeping your closet well organized makes for a lot less waste of time as well as prolongs the life of your garments.

 You must first designate a place for everything in your closet. Shoes need their own shelf. Place jewelry in a separate box, watches need a designated area as do belts, ties and scarves. You can choose to organize your clothes by colors. It helps to find things faster. Keep bottoms like skirts and trousers separate. Jackets must be kept at one end of the clothes rack as it allows to pull them out quickly.

 Place a few hooks on your closet door. This is ideal to hang scarves, ties and belts. Place a shelf at eye level and place your purses and hand bags on it. This helps you to choose one that suits your outfit with ease.

 Shoes must go below the purses so that you have all your accessories at hand. Shoes that are kept in boxes must be neatly labeled in order to avoid confusion about which pair is in which box.

 Place several storage boxes in the bottom shelf of your closet. This helps to store your lingerie and unmentionables. Always keep delicate items of clothing like stocking, pantyhose and thongs away from your bras as the hooks may fray the delicate garments.

 You may choose to keep your hair accessories with your jewelry. However, grooming items like hair dryers, straightners and curers need to be placed in a box in order to avoid the wires being tangled. Keep all your make up on display.


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