How Agility now benefits more skills in RuneScape

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In RuneScape, one of the less useful sills is Agility. Agility used to give RuneScape players an advantage while running, but now with the run and rest update, this is no longer as beneficial. Now a high agility level will help players who train the hunter, thieving, and fishing skills.

The January 19th, 2010 update introduced new benefits to the agility skill, where RuneScape players have a chance of catching two fish, stealing 2-4 times the loot from a pickpocket, and catching butterflies barehanded.

In fishing, RuneScape players stand a chance of catching two Tuna at 35 fishing and 35 agility. Two Tuna can be caught at once using barbarian fishing with 35 agility also. At Level 50 in fishing and agility, the player has a chance of catching two swordfish at once. With level 50 agility, RuneScape players who can catch swordfish from Barbarian fishing can also catch two swordfish. With level 76 agility, two sharks can be caught at once. Players with 76 agility who can catch sharks barehanded can also catch two sharks barehanded. Refer to Barbarian Fishing guide for more info.

 In Hunter, RuneScape players can catch the four types of butterflies barehanded. Ruby Harvest, a woodland butterfly, is caught barehanded with level 80 hunter and level 75 agility. At level 85 hunter, RuneScape players with 80 agility can catch Sapphire Glacialis. Snowy Knight, the other polar butterfly, is caught barehanded with level 90 hunter and 85 agility. Black Warlock jungle butterflies are caught with level 95 hunter and level 90 agility barehanded.

 In Thieving, RuneScape players with higher thieving and agility levels can pickpocket up to four times the loot from various NPC’s. Higher thieving and agility levels allow for double, then triple, then quadruple loot from the NPC, but after that it is unclear if a higher thieving allows a multiple pickpocket to occur more often.

 The update not only increases the usefulness of the agility skill but also increases the flow of coins and items into the game. The increase is minor, but the added amount of fish and seeds should slightly ease the high prices on them and the commodities they affect. The introduction of more coins, however, works the opposite and increases overall inflation. Changes should be minimal.


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