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Preeti and Anu were best friends who not only went to school together but also same college.

Anu was a chirpy bubbly type of girl who would avoid doing homework, would get her work done by other classmates mostly Preeti would do that .

Preeti was just opposite. Always behind the books, quite shy type of girl., but although just opposite of each other they had a strange bonding, both of them could not just be  without each other. If one was sick other would be with her not caring for anything but the friend.

Such was the friendship they had that even the other that any stranger would not know who belonged to which family. They were closely knit and so were their families.

While Preeti was good in studies, Anu was good in photography, she always used to click photos of anything be it a small fly or a big giraffe.

Well on  her 18th Birthday Anu got a camera as a gift from Preeti , that day onwards there was no stopping for her.

The camera would be with her 24 hours, even while sleeping she would keep it near her bedside.

Now after college both of them got admission in a different city, so they had to move out. But they were together so the families had no objection.

Days passed into year both got a job. Anu got a job of reporter she was happy, she would get many things to click. Big actors, politicians, anyone and everyone.

Well Preeti became a teacher and both of them were enjoying their life. One day there was an earthquake in the city Anu went ahead with her job as usual and reported about he people suffering, clicked photographs too, one photo of a mother and child stuck in the debris got a award and she was called by a foreign institute for scholarship and further course in photography.

Anu who never left her best friend away for a single moment was upset over this What to choose – a best friend or career.

Preeti explained her, career is important. One day they will have to part as they would be married and finally after so many hours of explanations, love and assurance that they will not leave contact she was convinced to go.

Anu left for US , to join the institute with mixed feelings. She was sad as she was parting from her best friend and at the same time happy that her dream was coming true.

She reached US but not for a single day she could forget Preeti. For hours she would talk to her as if in the same city. Than they started with chats, e-mails but as time passed like about six months this all became infrequent and slowly both of them lost contact. 

After 5 years Anu was coming to India, she contacted her family and also got connected to Preeti by luck as she had just shifted back to her native place recently.

She was shocked to see Preeti with a 5 year old kid. Thousands of questions were appearing in her mind and she needed answer. Why she did not inform her best friend, whom she got married to, how is that guy, is she happy?

She took Preeti, to her room where both of them used to sit for hours studying, playing together when they were kids

She than asked Preeti and from what answer she got , Anu decided she will never in her life click any photographs, as a salute to her friend.

Preeti ,  had never married actually; she had adopted the child who lost her mother in the earthquake 5 years back.

The same child whom Anu had clicked photo of and got the opportunity to go to US.


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