How to Burn Fat Around Your Belly

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Most of us are carrying around excess fat on our bodies that we would like to lose. For many of us that excess fat resides in our bellies. As we have come through the holiday season this is probably more true now. So how do we get rid of this fat that is plaguing our bellies?

Right now it is in the 20’s outside (at least in the Chicago area) but before long we will be having thoughts of warm weather and bathing suits and we will be wondering how to burn calories so that we can burn this belly fat off.

The problem here is that you didn’t pile on the belly fat in a two week period of time so don’t expect it to come off in a two week period of time either. There is not exactly a quick fix.

You body is not your friend when you are attempting to lose belly fat. It is going to try to do everything in its power to hold onto it. So let the battle begin.

It is going to require hard work on your part to get rid of the belly fat. It can be done but you have to be realistic about your belly fat loss and it is my experience that most are not realistic. They expect miracles.

So how do we lose this stubborn fat around our midsections. It may surprise you but I would recommend that the first thing you do is to get serious about weight lifting. And I am not merely talking about light dumbbells. It is best if you lift heavy. This intense weight lifting will begin to ramp up your body’s metabolism and begin to make your body work for you.

The second thing that I would focus on is interval training. I am not a fan of steady state cardio where you do hours of jogging. I would prefer you to focus on periods of sprints broken up with periods of brisk walking. If you want to know why this is the case then read the previous post, Burn Calories with Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption .

Finally, focus on your diet. This is what produced the belly fat in the first place. Most likely you have a diet there there is too much fat and carbohydrates. Your excess carbohydrates are going to get converted into fat if they cannot be used for energy. And since you are going to be lifting make sure that you are getting an appropriate amount of protein. Shoot for somewhere in the range of 1 – 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

If you work hard and are disciplined and follow the three things discussed in this article you will begin to slowly make a dent in your belly fat. Be patient and stick to the program. If you do you may even find that you have a set of six pack abs buried underneath of that belly fat.


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