Skateboarding for fun!

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Skateboarding is a sport with a philosophy and a culture very much its own. The skateboarding image is designed to appeal to skateboarders as well as those who want to understand their world. It is usually thought of as a sport for urban/suburban young boys, and is conducted almost anywhere there’s an abandoned cement gully or half-pipe. Skateboarding continues to be an increasingly popular recreational activity among teenagers-especially young males.

 Skateboarding can be a recreational activity, an artform, a job, or a method of transportation for the mainstream. Accordingly, the X-Games played a major role in familiarizing the mainstream population onto the sport. Sport you say? Of course. It is fun, healthy and can give you a low-impact aerobic workout. The effect of media coverage on skateboarding has moved it from an underground sport to a spectator sport over the last several years.

 What makes skating so interesting to watch? The tricks of course. They can range from very easy to extremely challenging. But be careful! Skateboarders who perform tricks should use heavy duty gear, especially on their noggin! Street skating, as it is most commonly known among skaters, include skate tricks such as ollies, or ollie variations, but often it is simply the act of skateboarding on the pavement itself. The flat ground ollie allowed skateboarders to perform tricks in mid-air without any more equipment than the skateboard itself. It has formed the basis of many street skating tricks.

Remember, someone out there first came up with each trick, and skaters will always be able to create their own. If you try tricks and jumps, practice them only in a controlled environment, such as a skate park that has adult supervision and appropriate access to emergency medical care.

 If you rewind the clock, skateboarding was at first, tied to the culture of surfing. As it spread across the United States to places unfamiliar with surfing or surfing culture, it developed an image of its own. Skateboarding video games have also become very popular and exposed skating to everybody. It has developed as a youth subculture that emphasizes creativity and individuality.

Skateboarding is hard, and you have to be tough in order to learn. After all, it’s just the skateboarder and his board. It’s an art, a major sport and a lifestyle for many. Skateboarding is very near and dear to the heart of many, including mine. So go ahead and grab your board. Get ready to have fun. You can easily learn it, with little bit of practice, concentration and of course, balance.


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