Sample Childcare Contract: Example of How to Write Daycare Contracts

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If you are getting ready to open up an In-home Daycare, Childcare or Preschool business, you must create a detailed contract. Without a Daycare contract, there will be many confusions and issues that may come up in the future. Childcare contracts should include all of the rules and regulations for both parties. This will give both the provider and the parents the peace of mind of knowing what to expect from one another.

The first thing you should do is write up a list of what areas you would like to cover in your contract. The list should include the following topics:

  • The Daycare Provider’s Duties
  • Rules for Transportation
  • Discipline Philosophy
  • Termination Notice
  • Emergency Information
  • Wages
  • Vacation and Holiday Rules

When discussing your duties as a Childcare provider, you should always be specific as to what hours of service you will provide, what snacks and meals will be provided and what types of activities you will offer. Make sure that you are honest and able to offer everything you include in your Childcare contract.

Transportation is something you may want to include in your Daycare contract only if you are offering any drop off or pick up services, or will be taking the children anywhere, such as a field trip.

As for discipline, your Daycare parents will want to know what discipline philosophy you will follow. Be clear on how you will use “time out” and how many warnings you will be giving to your Daycare kids. Parents will feel much better seeing your discipline philosophy stated in the Daycare contract.

When it comes to any type of termination, as a provider you should offer to give parents a notice of termination, in the case of which you may not be able to offer Childcare services anymore. You may also include a rule that states a notice of termination on their part, as well. The average notice of termination is 2 weeks for both the provider and parents. A Childcare contract should always include the rules for termination.

When it comes to emergencies, as a provider you must be prepared. This is why you should have a specific area within your Daycare contract that allows the parents to write down emergency contacts, any allergies or medical conditions.

As for wages, you should be specific as to when you expect to be paid, whether you charge late fees, or fees for them being late to picking up their child. You should also always include what holidays or vacation days you will be taking and whether you expect to be paid or not. One of the most common arguments among Childcare providers’ and parents is the issue of payment. If including this information in the Childcare contract, you won’t have to discuss the issue in the future.


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