Arizona DUI Laws: How to Find the Best Arizona DUI attorneys

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Those arrested for a DUI in Arizona may face some serious charges. In many cases being arrested for a DUI can be a huge wake up call for those caught drinking and driving. Hopefully a DUI is all that the person will have to face and there are no innocent victims injured or killed. The fact is; a person can often recover from the charges of a DUI, however; there is NO recovering from death or the guilt of killing someone else by a drunken mistake. Understand Arizona DUI laws and if you happen to be caught in a situation where you are facing DUI charges this article will discuss what your DUI penalties may be.

First off, if faced with a DUI, be prepared to search out the best Arizona DUI attorneys, as you will not want to fight this charge alone. The DUI penalties often depend on the type of charge and whether it’s a first offense or not. If you have any past charges, the penalties are going to be much more severe.

As for a first offence DUI, your jail time will range between 10-180 days. However; the court may be able to suspend 9 of those days if you agree to taking an alcohol and drug evaluation along with attending treatment. When it comes to fines, a first offense DUI charge often adds up to somewhere around $1800 dollars in charges.

When it comes to a second offense DUI charge you can plan on facing 90-180 days in jail, with approximately $3500 in fines or more. However; with both a first and second offense charge, the DUI laws will often require that your license is suspended and once reinstated a Ignition Interlock Device will be placed onto your vehicle for the first 12 months of driving again.

When faced with an Arizona DUI charge you can plan on facing some heavy penalties. However; the law hopes that these DUI penalties are a wake up call for those drinking and driving. It is suggested that you search out the best Arizona DUI attorneys when facing these kind of charges.


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