Two Worst Comments Ever- It’ll Drive Most Bloggers and Writers Mad

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1) Irrelevant Linking

If you are blogging regularly or participating in discussions on blogs, you probably noticed people leaving their own links. Sometimes this adds value to the comment. For example, relevant links to similar posts on the same subjects are appreciated. However, promotion for promotion’s sake drives everyone mad. If you are online and writing or have a business, you do have lot of stuff to promote and everyone gets it. But if you give a tobacco company promotion link to a movie review post, your comment gets deleted. And yes, I am speaking from experience. If you want to be respected as fellow writer/blogger, you do not want to be considered spam.

2) Nice post/article.

Some people just love participating in the conversation by saying nice post/article. This seems harmless and “nice” but it most often means that the comment came from a person who didn’t read your stuff. It is so generic, it can be posted on everything. Well, I am guessing it is appreciated more on sites like Triond- where a comment means that person at least opened your page but….that’ s all. Even if you are on Triond or Bukisa, you are there because you are a writer. Writing is about self-expression. So make it specific.

I know these are so simple but they are often conveniently ignored. My suggestion? Read the article, and then comment by showing you read. This always makes the writer feel better. You don’t have to agree with their point of view, but you have to appreciate the effort put there.


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