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Priyanka and Raj were best friends since they were kids. Not only they both were neighbors but also studied in the same school and later got admission in the same college. Although they were just opposite kind but still there friendship was a unique one. Just like we can say fire and ice.

Both of them could not be without each other, they had a strange liking to each other, when they were together the world was one side. There was a group of these 10 boys and girls all were best friends , but there was a shy guy Kavya who liked Priyanka very much but could not just tell her, being afraid that good friendship will also break if she does not like it.

Although everybody know they loved each other a lot, both of them denied saying they were just best friends and so their parents also did not object to friendship as well. But who knows when will the love cupid strike your heart?

 After college was over everybody as usual started looking for jobs, further courses and few lucky ones like Kavya got job in US, and we went biding goodbye to his friends.

Raj and Priyanka interested in further studies too joined part time MBA and at the same time worked in a BPO. Now they were both alone and got more and more time with each other when they were free and this is the time they realized they were actually in love.

Once they were confident they were in love and cannot live without each other they decided to seek permission from their parents about this. Being of same caste and been so close in these years they both were confident that no body would have any problem as such.

They talked to their parents and nobody had any problems, Priyanka had been a frequent visitor to Raj’s house since she was kid and be it birthday parties to ceremonial function these families were together.

Well if you think this is just a normal love story with a happy ending and no tension ——————————– read ahead

Not all are lucky in this world to get what they want in life, and especially your love, here the saying comes out to be true.

We never like what we get, we never get what we like, we never get what we want and we never want what we get, but still we live and that is life.

Sometimes you know thinking too much of our children’s future, lead only to their unhappiness, same happened with Raj’s mother.

 Although she liked Priyanka a lot and she was perfect girl to handle an angry young blood like of Raj however being a mother she became selfish and wanted to be sure that the girl who will be her daughter in all should bring all good luck to their family.

In this matter she took the horoscopes of both of them to a well known astrologer and from what he predicted, all her love for the Priyanka disappeared like a bubble in the air.

Now you would be wondering what the astrologer predicted?

Well he told Raj’s mother that if Raj and Priyanka get married there will be bad luck to their family and there may be a death be  it Raj or any one of the main member of the family.

This would not be digestible to any one in the world that’s quite obvious. She discussed this with her husband, and other member’s and neighbors and all the intelligent one’s just ignored her so finally before talking to Raj she thought it better to tell Priyanka, being a girl she would readily believe and would not want to harm Raj and his family by her bad luck.

And yes, she agreed to sacrifice her love and not marry Raj .When Raj came to know about this, he got very angry and fought with his mother, and went to convince Priyanka that this horoscope and all these are useless, she should not believe in all this, but Priyanaka did not budge at all. And finally one day without even bidding goodbye, she left the city never to come back again.

Raj had to marry Rakhi, who was his mom’s choice. After their marriage their world was upside down.

The day Rakhi entered the house police income Tax raided Raj’s house, so his father had to suffer, After a week or so when things began to settle down a bit, Raj’s mother asked him to leave for Honeymoon with his wife, but just half their way they to return back as there was all snow and roads closed to Shimla.

You can understand now what I am trying to say by all this, Ironically Rakhi was the girl with whom Raj’s horoscope had perfectly matched and the astrologer had told that she will bring good luck to them.

Just because of blind faith in Astrology and horoscope, Raj’s mother not only ruined their family life, but three lives together, because neither  Rakhi and Raj were happy, nor Priyanka.

Priyanka never married, and Rakhi and Raj got separated after three months as Rakhi never respected the elders nor did she even bother to take care of house hold

Moral of the story is never blindly follow any horoscope or astrology J


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