A Beginner’s Guide to Increase Bukisa Article Page Views

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Bukisa.com is a revenue sharing site which allows you to earn by the number of page views you gain from uploading your content. If you are one of those who are just starting out a career in online article writing, better check out some of these important pointers below:

Pointer #1: Choose an interesting subject or topic to write about.

One of the most important aspects in online article writing is the topic itself. Choose topics that are interesting, entertaining, and informative. You can write topics about a current news event, a web tutorial, or an article about health. Also try to anticipate your desired target readers. Would you like to create an article for kids and youth, for professionals, or for the general public?

Pointer #2: Choose a Title that Could Attract the Reader’s Attention.

When you think of a certain topic to write about, always remember that your title gives out an impression to the readers. Be creative and think of unique title that could attract their attention and would persuade them to click on your article and read your content. Also remember to include in your title the main subject of what your article is all about.

Pointer #3: Write a brief yet detail description for your article.

A sentence or two that best describes your content is necessary in order for the readers to have an idea of what your article is all about. Just like in choosing your title, try to keep your description brief yet informative.

Pointer #4: Keep your main content informative and interesting to read.

This is one important part of your article. Avoid circular statements or statements that just have ideas rolling over the same topic. Keep your content spontaneous and avoid spelling errors and grammatical errors. If your reader like what he/she is reading, your article would most likely be shared, bookmarked, or even tweeted. Thus, adding additional page views to it.

Pointer #5: Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques.

One powerful tool in increasing your article readership is the use of SEO or search engine optimization. It is a technique which allows search engines like Google and Yahoo! to track your articles using web crawlers or spiders based upon a given keyword. Just avoid keyword stuffing or putting too much keyword in your article since search engines could ban you in their lists.

Pointer #6: Share and Promote your Articles.

One way to let readers know about your article is by sharing it to them. You can e-mail your friends and online buddies about your published articles or use popular sharing sites like twitter, Facebook, stumbleupon, dig, etc. In one way or another, your article could be shared by friends of friends in just a period of time.

Always remember that these are just guides to help you attain your article readership success. Continue to develop your skills using the above pointers and for sure, your article page views will increase.


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