Decorating A Fireplace Mantle

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Decorating a Fireplace Mantle… is probably easier than you think!

1. Use two matching jars on either side of the mantle and fill with wild flowers or flowers from your own garden.

2. “Homesense” or a budget style decorating store is the perfect place to pick up a set of candle holding candelabras. Use colors taken from the room for the candle colors.

3. Hang a mirror over the fireplace and then attach a spray of flowers over the mirror. I’m thinking lavender might be nice. It’s subtle and it can scent the room.

4. Use a stack of books… children’s or some of your own. They can be arranged on top of each other or side by side with interesting book ends if you have them. Interesting rocks might work as book ends!

5. We have alternating paintings that we feature at different times of the year. One is winter oriented which can be hung as soon as the snow begins to fly and the other is a summer bistro painting  that I fell in love with a few years ago.

6. Flower pots that have been filled with gorgeous houseplants can add a nice touch of color to the room even if it’s just foliage! Garage sales are a great place to look for extra flower pots.

7. I mentioned using two jars at the beginning of the list, but this idea takes it even further. We are going to use multiple jars. All you have to do if wash out an assortment of out old jars from food items and then fill them with interesting little rocks. Paint the lids and then arrange them across the mantle. It’s amazing what you can do with items that were designated for the recycling bin.

8. If you have a Teddy Bear collector in the house, you might like to feature one or two. They can add some warmth to the room in seconds flat and who doesn’t love teddy bears?

9. Stores are now coming up with little villages that can be arranged on your mantle. To date we have only little Christmas houses, but I have been noticing some really interesting Halloween houses that would definitely make the room… lets say… pleasantly creepy!!


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