Taqueria El Monarca in Houston: Restaurant Review

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Taqueria El Monarca is a nifty place located in west Houston at 13150 FM 529 at the corner with Eldridge, just a few miles away from the trader’s village. The taqueria is very laid back and it is a good place to practice your Spanish however the staff does understand English as well.

The hours of operations of the El Monarca are from Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and they remain close on Sunday, therefore the best times to go are either for breakfast or brunch with either friends or even family since it is a family-friendly place.

For their beverages during the day you can have a glass of orange juice for $1.99 or a small aguas frescas like the orchata, tamarindo, pineapple or melon flavors at $1.75 or even coffee (because what is breakfast without coffee) for $1.25 and it is refilled.

And in the evening you can enjoy domestic beers at $1.99 or imported at $2.49 or even a margarita on the rocks at $1.99 so their prices are really good and cheap.

For their breakfast dishes you can try the most sought out huevos rancheros which are two sunny side up eggs with a homemade tomato sauce or the burrito salchicha which comes with eggs, beans, cheese, bacon and ham for $2.99, or the delicious chilaquiles which are strips of tortillas topped with Chihuahua cheese and sour cream and a spicy sauce for $4.95 or you can also try the sincronizada which is one soft tortilla served refried beans, a slice of ham and melted cheese for $3.95. 

While for their lunch and dinner plates you can order something from their house specialty area such as the enchiladas a la Monarca which are five with chicken, beans, tomatoes, avocado and cream cheese for $6.95, or even the botana monarca which is great if you are really hungry or want to share something; the dish includes six breaded shrimps, flautas, grilled cheese, avocado sales, chile toreado and small fajitas for $11.99. But you can also try the bistec a la Mexicana which is steak served with rice, beans and an avocado salad for $6.95, or even the Milanese gratinata which is breaded beef for $6.95.

And of course you need to end the meal with one of their fresh and homemade desserts like the pan dulce Mexicanos, or the tres leches or even a small flan for $2.25.


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