How to Count the Points in Burraco

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How to Count the Points in Burraco

What you will need for the game: two French card decks

Playing burraco or also known as canasta is a card game that is usually played in four with a team of two each ( and the following are the point system rules:

The first one is to see the possible canaste are the following- the first one is called “pure” which is the one without jollies or the twos, then there is the “impure”” which is the ones that are done with the jolly, or the “pure wild card” because they are made of seven of two’s or even the “pure of jolly” which is formed by one two and six jollies (this is only done when there are three decks used and that is rare)

Second after you close and the team that closed first gets 100 points.

For the cards put down the points are as following every pure canasta is worth 200 points otherwise it is 100 points, then every jolly is worth 30 points, every “pinella” is worth 20 points, every ace is worth 15 points, and the King, Queen and the Jack, ten, nine and eight are worth 10 points, and for the 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3 are worth 5 points. The rest of the cards the points are counted in negative numbers

The team that lost needs to give 100 points and the team that reaches 2005 points first is the team that wins.

 So even if the point system seems a little complicated once you have it down, this is a fun and challenging card game.


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