Bachelor 14 episode 4 spoilers: Bachelor 14 winner leaked

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With the Bachelor 14 episode 4 coming up next week many fans are wondering what editing or scandal will come about, especially after the Tenley “I’m Pregnant” which never occurred. Things are really heating up in the Bachelor house, all the girls are throwing claws at one girl specifically, which we all know is Vienna.

Well, look out girls because Vienna’s strategy to have a memorable night with Jake on Episode 4 January 25, 2010 will have all the girls in an uproar, especially because at the Madonna Inn, Ali is so jealous about Vienna stealing more time that she almost goes off the deep end by talking bad to the other girls about Vienna.

In the end of episode 4 of the Bachelor 14 Jake will only have 5 women fighting for his love. Since last week Jake has definitely been wearing his heart on his sleeve and gained a lot of respect from the fans. Jake is hoping his heart will lead him to his bride at the finale, but who will it be?

Well, lets see in episode 4 Gia will have a one on one date with Jake at the winery. Will Gia receive a rose? At this point I am going to say.

6 of the girls will be going dune buggying and sand surfing. I will say Vienna, Jesse, Corrie, and maybe Ali will be there. What will happen on this crazy fun adventure? Maybe one of the girls (Vienna) will purposely get her dune buggy stuck in the sand. This will not only give Jake more time to spend with her, it will also make the other girls (mainly Ali) very jealous that once again Jake is at Vienna’s rescue and side. Maybe this will push Ali away.

Who will be going to Jake’s cabin on episode 4? I will go with Ella, since her last one on one date with Jake was with her and her child. Ella needs to have some quality time alone with him. There will be another girl on this date, not sure who. But I do know only one girl will get the rose.

Jake will make some very heartbreaking choices at the rose ceremony. I promise there will be a sad shock at the end, but Jake must follow his heart.

Right now as it stands many websites online are already leaking the winner of Bachelor 14. The winner of Bachelor 14 Wings Of Love is supposedly Vienna.

I personally this is way too easy, and that the producers of the Bachelor want us to think Vienna is the winner. That’s why they are making Vienna out to be the victim, for the girls to hate her, and for Jake to fall for her.

I personally do not think Vienna is for Jake. What I do think will happen will be, Ali will leave on Episode 3 or 4 not because of her job, but for not being able to deal with Vienna and the other girls all over Jake when she is falling in love with him.

Jake will continue the show, but his heart will be on Ali, and wondering if she will return like Ed did with Jillian. I can see her saying “I’m sorry How Can I Do This To You, The One I’m Falling in Love With?” Then Jake will slam the limo door and of course start crying.

Vienna may or may not be the last one standing after all at the Bachelor finale. If Vienna is standing I think Jake will turn her down and there will be no ring proposal.

My question is, how come we never see anything about Jessie? Are the producers hiding another scandal? Is it possible that Jessie could be the perfect one for Jake? That’s why we are seeing so much catty with the other girls. Wouldn’t it be something if Jessie makes her move on Jake on the dune buggy date if she is one of the lucky 6? Hey maybe her and Vienna will team up to have Jake rescue them.

With reality shows such as the Bachelor, you know from the start there will be a lot of twist to get more viewers. Heck maybe the next scandal of the Bachelor 14 will be Vienna having a boyfriend back at home and was with him before and during the Bachelor 14 season. How great would that be to have a Wes scandal approaching us? Vienna seems to be nice, but has that sneakiness about her that could cause a lot of trouble for Jake.

Jake keep your head up high and follow your heart.


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