How to Play Burraco

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What you will need for the game: Two card decks of French cards  

To play Burraco (which is also known as canasta) you typically play with two teams of two and the objective is to get a combination of seven cards (increasing or decreasing) of the same seed

To start the player to the right of the dealer will cut the cards and prepare two decks with eleven cards, and they will be placed one on top of the other in the middle of the table.

Then the dealer will give eleven cards to each player and placing a last card side up, and during the game each player has to take a card from the deck in the middle or one of the decks and once they have done that they can lower the cards with a combination or add to a previous one already in place and then give a card out.

The combinations that you can put down are at least three cards of the same value regardless of the seed or you can put down three cards of the same seed. You can choose to use a wild card (the jolly) or the value 2 which is called “pinella” but they have to be used at the beginning.

The main objectives are that one of the teams remains without the cards and has to use one of the decks on the tables and the other one is to at least make a combination of seven or more cards.


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