Reviewing Katz Deli in the Montrose Area in Houston, Texas

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Katz’ has been well known in the Lower East Side of New York since 1888 but arrived to Houston almost a century later in 1979 and it immediately became a popular place to go for lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack.

The restaurant deli in Houston is located at 616 Montrose right in the heart of the neighborhood where everything and everyone seems to be always walking around at all hours so it is very convenient that “Katz never closes” like the popular local commercial states. The environment at Katz’ is laid back and fun even though the prices are a little on the higher side depending on what you order.

The building from the outside has a very low key atmosphere but inside is quite big and it can accommodate a lot of people and the area that is located upstairs is really nice but it is definitely not quiet, so if you want a quaint place this is not for you but if you like crowds and a place that is filled with life then Katz’ is for you.

For their appetizers, one of the customer’s favorite is the matzo ball soup for $5.85, and if you have never had it before, this is the place to get introduced to it, but you can also have the knishes which can be either squared or served in small circles which include potatoes, broccoli and kasha for $3.25.

For drinks you can get different fruit juices for $2.70, or some hot chocolate for $1.70 or a hot steaming cappuccino for $3.95 for after your meal, and if you are adventurous you will love the New York Egg Cream which comes either with chocolate or vanilla and a seltzer for $3.50

And if you want to taste one of their deli sandwiches, you will surely be filled and satisfied; they have interesting ones too like the cold Katz’ tongue which is the center cut or tip and cured tongue for $15.55, or the liverwurst for $10.60 or the hot sandwich Knoblewurst which is a garlic beef sausage sandwich for $10.60, or even a salmon sandwich for $14.95.

But if you are still hungry after that you can still get some desserts like the New York cheese cake with or without the fruit topping or even a layer or pound cake for $5.00 or simple cookies for $3.50.


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