Art for Society, Not for Itself

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1.      The purpose of art itself is mostly for the people around it because it is inspired from them. These people also view a particular work of art as a reflection for themselves. Nowadays, art is not only created for inspiring people but also as a form business for the artists which the consumers are the people around the society who admires their work.

2.      The society as the most common inspiration for creating an art is really what makes art a part and should be taken as a part of the society. Society in the sense, not only dealing about the social status of the people and the society itself but also the nature which is considered as a natural art. An essay entitled “The White Bird” by John Berger states that the emotion we feel when we stare and evaluate at art objects is part of the sensation we feel when we observe nature.

3.      The true value of art is a case where people can relate what the art depicts. If art is only created by itself, limited to the art and the artist, it is only valuable to the artist because no other else can understand what the art is portraying. Juan Luna’s ‘Spolarium’ shows the suffering of the people from colonialism, clearly that this art was created to inspire and made the people realize what to do. This means that people won’t spend their time looking or even take a glance at that art if they cannot feel what it really means.

4.      A powerful art work is an art wherein it can inspire a lot of people. An art can only inspire a lot of people if they are experiencing the same misfortune maybe and they don’t know what to do and then suddenly, an inspiration came by in the form of art. In this case, the art had the power in moving the minds of the people.

5.      Some elements of an art are based on nature (ex. trees on paintings) and nature is considered as part of the society. This clearly explains that nature is one of the inspiration of the artist to create something creative.

Conclusion: In conclusion, with all the claims mentioned, art works are truly inspired and will inspire the society. Without the society, art can still be created but no other people can appreciate it. Art is like a person who needs someone in order to survive.


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