Pressures In school

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Having been to college is a lot different from being in high school. You will experience more free times, vacant schedules, and more people, who consider themselves mature enough for they are already in college. Of course, as I expected, things are becoming complicated and we do have more demanding, difficut-to-pass subjects and worse than that, super demanding teachers!

There are these teaches who simply demand so much, thinking that their subject is the only thing I have.

Sleepy though, I am currently busy studying for an exam in my two major subjects and still have to research more about indigenous people. I do not have that much time to waste since the project deadlines are getting closer and closer.

Being able to go to school makes me think I am lucky enough to have parents who really value education and it sometimes makes me ask whether education is really a priviledge or a right of the young people who are said to be the future bearers of our nation. It is somehow a difficult question for me to ask but I do think that it is the right of every child to have a good and appropriate education. On my part as a student, I do not want my parents to think that they are spending their money trying to send me to school for nothing. As much as possible, I try to be one of the top honors of the class.

The roots of education may be bitter, but I always aim for the fruits of hardwork and labor — which are sweeter.


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