CES Electronics Show 2009

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As some of you may know this is the time of year for the electronic show in Las Vegas. It is a huge show full of all the new gadgets coming out soon for consumers. They have lots of interesting things to play with and look at and who knows maybe later on buy.

I have a close friend who is as I write this out there now. He is exploring the new world of all the new electronics soon to be found on the shelves. I am sure he is in his glory as he is a true geek.

I checked around to see what is interesting and causing buzz at the show. Here are just a few of the new gadgets to be watching for.

The new Eee notebook for example unlike its predecessors has a 8.9 inch touch screen with a  swiveling screen. So cool! It is small and offers a lot for the consumer.

There is also a new keyboard with a monitor built into it with a touch screen. This is small with lots of options.

There is also a new SD card that has a 2TB storage capacity. Now that’s a lot of space for all those pics videos and movies. A TB is huge but not one but 2 ! Now this is something I would consider putting in my digital camera.

Ultra thin notebooks are also the rave. Everyone is looking for the small think notebook that is light filled with many many options.

Palm finally have a new handset Palm Pre web OS and also a new apps store, wow its about time.I personally think Palm could have launched a lot of things over the past few years but for some reason has waited. Now the Palm name is coming back to the top with their new launched gadgets.

There are to many new things to mention, but one thing I can say for sure this yearly show of all the new and coming electronics are sure to please.




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